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Serving Patients Since 1984

I recovered from my own depression & pain in the years following a 1984 accident, and so can you. We'll use cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and stress-reduction tools to antidote fear, develop coping skills, and support your maximal healing and comfort, now. We'll find a balance between making inner and outer changes, and building self-acceptance.


   It is a joy to offer help to others going through struggles like I have gone through. In college I felt lost, lonely, anxious and depressed, and the therapy I got changed my life. It took courage to try it, and feeling that the therapist was trustworthy, empathetic and objective was crucial. I found huge relief in being heard and understood by this experienced, older and skilled person. The other needed part was getting encouragement, feedback and suggestions that helped me to take intelligent risks, like applying for new jobs and initiating and deepening relationships. Learning to look at interactions differently and acquiring new communication skills helped.  


From 1981-1885, I lived, worked and studied at the renowned Esalen Institute, and in 1985 began counseled at San Francisco County Mental Health, a hospital, and then private practice.  

    At age 29, I suffered a series of accidents that left me half-disabled by pain for 20 years. Though medical beacons such as Stanford advised me to "live with it," I have knocked off 80% of the pain, and my saga led me to devote half of my work to people with pain and physical illnesses. Crucial elements in that recovery were experimentation, perseverance, and learning how much chronic pain is in good part an ailment of the brain known as “central sensitization.” I’ve helped around 1,000 people with problems such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.



You can solve problems, transform your life, and balance making inner and outer changes with self-acceptance and increased confidence. Please contact me for a free 20 minute consultation to see if I am the right psychologist to help you in becoming the person you want to and can be.

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