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My approach to treatment has been informed by an in-depth, wide range of tools, including Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Somatic and Mindfulness therapies. The first element of therapy has to be establishing safety, which includes confidentiality and knowing that you are heard, felt and understood. 


We'll first revisit your positive attributes: your accomplishments, talents, and passions are fuel for growth and change.

  • What have you learned and faced in your life?

  • What would you like to change and what challenges are you facing now?

  • How are you suffering and what can we do with it?  

  • What would support your maximal healing & provide comfort now?

  • What have you dreamt of but not dared to do? What do you want to achieve, preserve and avoid?

  • What scares you and excites you? 

We will use stress-reduction tools to antidote fear, and we'll develop coping skills via didactic and experiential exercises and trouble-shooting.  An aim is to support you in finding a new balance and making inner and outer changes, while accepting yourself as you are for now while you grow.

For patients with physical pain or illness the task also involves collaborating with physicians and alternative healers. Whether you have chronic pain or cancer, we will look at your medical data and sort through possible options. One size or treatment plan does not fit all, no matter what the ailment. Different individuals respond to different treatments, and our job is to find what approach fits you. Simultaneously we will deal with the complications of physical pain, social and emotional isolation, family members and friends, while cultivating comfort as well as healing and ideally, cure. And as one of my teachers said, "cure is a matter of the body, while healing is a matter of the heart." 

I offer:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Medical Illness & Pain Therapy

  • Bi-monthly Chronic Pain Support Groups 

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